CSCTFL Leadership Academy

Thank you to Avant Assessment for sponsoring our 2023 Leadership Academy!

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Strong leadership is a quality that every organization needs in order to thrive. To identify emerging and accomplished leaders across our 14-state region and to support their continuing professional development, the 2023 CSCTFL Leadership Academy is designed to help participants analyze their leadership styles and hone their skills. In 2023, the academy will be offered in a hybrid format. 

Date, Time & Location

The CSCTFL Leadership Academy will take place on Thursday, March 9th from 8:30am to 4:00pm at the 2023 CSCTFL/OFLA Conference in Columbus, Ohio.


The term “academy” implies on-going learning and mutual support within a selected cohort group. There will be both virtual and in-person components to our 2023 academy.  Ahead of the live in-person workshop in Columbus, Ohio, participants will do synchronous and asynchronous work to prepare.  Following the workshop, participants can expect monthly meet-ups to support them through their the development and execution of their leadership goals.

Who may apply 

This workshop is designed: 1) to meet the needs of classroom teachers and other emerging leaders who hope to take on specific leadership and supervisory roles and 2) to support the continuing leadership needs of world language educators who currently occupy a leadership role, including current curriculum coordinators, department chairpersons, supervisors, and project coordinators.

How to apply

Goals and Activities

Participants will analyze their leadership style, hone their skills, and develop a leadership-focused professional development plan for enhancing their skills, and reflect on how they may impact world language teaching and learning in their own communities as well as in support of their state and regional world language associations. As a special focus this year, we  will also explore how leaders can perform allyship and advocacy through the lens of diversity, equity and inclusion.

Activities will be designed and led by CSCTFL Board members and ACTFL Leadership Initiative for Language Learning (LILL) Fellows.

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