Nominating & Bylaws

Nominate a Colleague to Serve on the Central States Board of Directors - Deadline 10/31/2023

Nominations for the Central States Conference Board Positions, 2024

The Central States Conference is seeking nominations for the following positions on its Board of Directors:

The Vice Chair shall serve for a term of two years. After this term, the Vice Chair shall automatically succeed to the office of Chair of the Board for a 2-year term. The Vice Chair shall assist the Chair of the Board and assume any duties assigned by the Chair.

See the next section below for terms and responsibilities of board members.

If you have suggestions for candidates for these positions, which require dedicated and creative second language educators who are willing to dedicate time and energy to the work of Central States, please complete the form and provide supporting documentation at the link below.

Supporting documentation:

Deadline for nominations: October 31, 2023

2024 Central States Board Nomination Form

The Central States Board of Directors: Terms and Responsibilities

Composition. The Board of Directors shall consist of a Chair of the Board, Vice Chair, Conference Program Chair(s), Delegate to the ACTFL Board of Directors, Executive Director, Recording Secretary, and additional members to be no more than ten and as few as two.  Thus, the composition of the Board of Directors shall never exceed twenty. 


The Board is charged with ensuring the fiscal health of the corporation, with making decisions that advance the association’s mission, and with supporting the work of the Executive Director and other Board members.

Central States' board is a working board. Board members will be invited to suggest committees, tasks, and responsibilities that best align with their interests, skills, and prior experiences.  Board members are expected to read and promptly respond to requests for input and to complete their assigned tasks in a professional and timely manner. 


•  Elected Directors must be members of the Central States Advisory Council and shall be nominated and elected by the members of the Corporation. Directors serve for staggered four-year terms. Unless other terms are specified in succeeding sections of the Bylaws, Directors shall begin their terms on April 1 following their election and shall hold office through the March 31 of the last year of their terms. 

• Appointed Directors shall include the Recording Secretary and the Program Chair(s). 

The Central States Bylaws

Click here to access the Bylaws of the Central States Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.