2024 Central States Extension Workshop

The Conference Extension Workshop has a long-standing Central States tradition. Participants in this event learn from nationally recognized experts. All conference participants are welcome to register and attend this outstanding professional development. In addition, each state organization is encouraged to send up to two representatives to the Extension Workshop who will replicate the workshop at their own state conference or district, using the workshop materials and thus “extending” the workshop in their state. This can be either as a session, half-day workshop or full-day workshop. State representatives who “extend” the workshop will have their workshop fee reimbursed and receive a small stipend to defray costs. Extension Workshop reimbursement applies only to those whose states have an active State Advisory Council Membership.

This Year's Topic: Bringing Joy, Mindfulness, and Movement Back to Your Home State

Presenter: Jennifer Schwester, Brick Township Public Schools, NJ & Jennyzenyoga, LLC 

Date/Time: Thursday, March 14, 2024 from 8:30am to 12:30pm

Workshop Description: Calling all teachers! Prepare to embark on a transformative journey as we guide you through an interactive workshop packed with powerful techniques to reclaim joy, enhance your classroom, and infuse mindfulness and movement into every lesson. Explore the art of self-care, deepen your skills, and discover ways to share these invaluable strategies with your students in the target language. Become an empowered ambassador, bringing positive outlets and mindful approaches to educators in your home state. Gain essential tools to cultivate life skills in your students, from being fully present to confidently navigating challenges. Unleash mental flexibility and incorporate energizing "brain breaks" for a day filled with positive engagement. Remember, yoga is accessible for EVERYONE, and this Extension Workshop will provide tools and strategies for participants to replicate the workshop at your state/local conference professional developments.  Let’s ignite, inspire, and innovate together, creating joyful and mindful learning environments that extend far beyond our workshop walls.

Languages: English; all language backgrounds are welcome.