The Extension Workshop, a CSC outreach program in existence since 1982, offers you a chance to grow and to serve the profession at the same time.


Attend a free full-day workshop on Thursday of the Conference.

Learn from experienced, well-known presenters, Donna Clementi, Carrie

Willer and Paul Sandrock.

Gain current, practical information on the topic, Languages: ...involve me

and I learn.

Using the materials you receive, replicate the workshop in your own region.

Receive an honorarium to help with your expenses.


To apply or for more information, e-mail Pat Westphal (




Extension Workshop Program for 2004

Languages: ...involve me and I will learn.


Coordinators: Patricia B. Westphal and Judith Fowlkes


The Central States Conference Extension Workshop (EW) Program is the oldest foreign language outreach program in the country. Since its inception in 1982 some 15,000 persons have participated in one of the workshops generated by the program.


Each year some twenty-five participants are selected to attend the Conference Workshop (CW) during the annual meeting of Central States. Here they receive information and materials about recent trends in foreign language teaching. Participants are then asked to conduct a similar Extension Workshop (EW) in their local area in order to bring the Conference and its new and evolving ideas to a greater number of teachers.


The CW is the training session during which participants learn to conduct their own workshops. Participants receive a set of materials from each of the presenters, giving them the content information that they can copy for their own EWs. They also receive guidelines and ideas for organizing, publicizing, and presenting a workshop. The emphasis in the CW is on the practical application of new ideas for the classroom. At the end of the six-hour CW, participants are ready to conduct one or more EWs for foreign language educators in their own state. They can adjust the format, time frame, and material selection to their needs.


Topics for the CW/EW Program vary from year to year but always reflect current trends in foreign language instruction. The speakers are considered to be specialists on the topic of the CW. Often they are former participants in the EW Program.


The ultimate goal of the CW/EW Program is to improve the quality of foreign language instruction by providing up-to-date information to teachers unable to attend the Central States Conference. The CW/EW program offers participants the opportunity to learn how to organize and present a workshop, to meet other foreign language educators throughout the CSC region, to strengthen ties with teachers in their local area, and to serve as resource people in their foreign language community.


The CW/EW Program will take place on Thursday, April 1, 2004 in Dearborn , Michigan. Our three presenters will be Donna L. Clementi and Carrie Willer, both from the Appleton Area School District in Wisconsin, and Paul Sandrock, World Languages Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.


To apply for the CW/EW Program, complete a simple two-page proposal describing your plans to conduct an EW. The selection of participants will be based on the following criteria: a) ideas outlining the workshop format, support strategies, and publicity; b) ideas for attracting teachers who do not regularly attend foreign language conferences and workshops; and c) geographic distribution of workshop information and local impact. THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS IS FEBRUARY 2, 2004. Selected participants will be notified by February 12.


Once participants have attended the CW training, presented their own EW(s), and filed a brief report, they will receive a small honorarium. The Extension Workshop is open only to those whose proposals have been submitted and accepted.