The CSC 2005 Conference will offer many opportunities for teachers of world languages to learn new techniques, update their knowledge on standards and testing, and learn about traditional and action research being undertaken.  You can also document and make use of this experience for either university credit—graduate or undergraduate—or as continuing education for licensure or professional development.  


University Credit Through Cleveland State University


You can earn university credit by enrolling through Cleveland State University.  Both undergraduate and credit will be available for one-credit courses.  Ohio resident graduate students may register at the low price of $150 for the one-credit course “World Languages and Professional Development.”  Undergraduate and Non-Ohio residents can also register at the normal Cleveland State University rate for one credit.  Each course will involve participation in 13 hours of pedagogical topics (sessions, workshops, keynote and conference luncheon speeches) at the CSC Conference and completion of an appropriate summary and reflection paper to be completed by March 31, 2005.  Contact Piper Brown Yin if you have questions (


The course description and the registration forms can be accessed through the CSC Web site, the OFLA Web site ( -- select the One-Stop Forms area in the “Information” column at the left), or the CSU Department of Modern Languages Web site. (   --select the Special Events area at the left of the screen)


Continuing Education


Your state may approve this conference experience for your professional development or licensure.  K-12 teachers should first check with their own district to make sure that they are following the appropriate steps to receive approval for the conference.  The CSC Board is looking into the state requirements so that as many as possible of our region’s teachers can benefit directly and immediately from the conference through continuing education procedures. Ohio teachers will have their traditional bar-coded tickets to use.  This can be an excellent way to document attendees' activities at the conference, so we feel certain that many out-of-state participants will find it useful. See the following section for details.


Bar codes offer an easy way to document conference activities


This year Central States will offer a new way for conference participants to document their conference activities.  Each participant will receive--in addition to a name badge and event tickets--a sheet of tickets bar-coded with their name and contact info. The participant turns in a ticket for each session, workshop, and event (including the exhibit hall) s/he attends. (A box for this purpose will be placed in a prominent location in each room.)


After the conference, each participant will receive a document via email that lists each event and totals up the number of hours.  This system has been used very successfully at past conferences of the Ohio Foreign Language Association, and the format is accepted by most Ohio school districts' LPDC's (Local Professional Development Committees) for the purpose of licensure in the state of Ohio.  Contact Barbara Andrews ( if you have questions.