Advocacy Committee

Phyllis Farrar

Committee Members
Israel Fernando Herrera, India Morrow and Jason Sinclair


    • Support and educate at national level
    • Keep "advocacy" button on CSCTFL website current
  2. Serve as resource for local, state, and regional issues
    • Provide templates for local, state, and national advocacy
    • Create advocacy sessions at the conference and state conferences

2013 CSCTFL Advocacy Session Presentation

Languages for Jobs Initiative

A Rationale for Language Study

ACTFL Advocacy

ADFL Brochure

CAL Brochures

Discover Languages

Early Language Learning

Foreign Language Education in the 21st Century

JNCL-NCLIS Information


"Keys to Support for Language Learning”, 2014 session presented by the CSCTFL Advocacy Committee

"Language Advocacy for the 21st Century”, 2014 session presented by Bill Rivers, JNCL-NCLIS at CSCTFL

Languages and the Brain

National Network for Early Language Learning

US Representatives

US Senators